Blue Heron


Making it’s exhibition debut and inspired by the Paper Mill in Oregon City of this name and the OC Switcher You Tube video showing the night-time switching operations there (, Blue Heron depicts a small waterside industrial area and an entertainment district somewhere in the Pacific Northwest of the USA in the Grunge era of the late 1980’s and early 90’s. The track layout is a 3-2-2 Inglenook for 50’ cars with an additional spur for storing extra stock, and willing participants are invited to assist by shuffling the five car cards and forming the train as instructed.


The layout has been several years in the planning and making, and utilises leftover stock and buildings acquired for my other Washington State and US HO modular projects. The buildings and some road vehicles have been modified to include LED lights to depict the area at night. The layout is currently under construction and will be making it’s debut at this show.

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