Don’t bother looking on a map, you will not find a railway to the Clay Dries at Corwenna.
The fictional location was however inspired by the line from Boscarne Junction to Wenfordbridge which was worked by the three iconic Beattie well tanks which arrived at Wadebridge shed in 1895. These vintage engines remained in charge until 1962 when they were finally replaced by ex GWR 13XX pannier tanks. These lasted a further two years until steam operations in Cornwall finished in 1964.  08 diesel shunters then took over until closure in 1983. Examples of these locomotives may be seen at work on the model.
The buildings at Wenfordbridge are much too large to be modelled in true scale but are included here with a large degree of modeller’s licence to give a flavour of operations at both Wenfordbridge and similar sites in Cornwall.
The main buildings are constructed in a mixture of foamboard and plasticard overlaid with Das Clay on PVA glue. The stonework is later scribed into the Das and then sprayed with white car primer with the individual stones picked out in Humbrol enamels. Roofing slates are self adhesive sheets from York Modelmaking and the asbestos cladding is from Wills.
Full details of the layout may be found in the August 2017 issue of BRM (British Railway Modelling)

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