Victoria - EM: Dave Tailby
Mutton - OO; Rob Gunstone
The Sidings - OO; Nick Gurney
Queen St Yard - O; Gerard Maher
Blue Heron - HO; Andy Gautrey
Leberecht - HO; John Edge
Crickdale Colliery - N; Adam Crick
Salinas Valley - HO; John Baggaley
Corwenna - OO: Phil Waterfield
Coton-on-Dove - EM: Clive Baker
Admaston - OO: Pete Griffiths
Coopers Yard - OO: David Cooper
Little Roome Farm & The Alexander Estate Railway - Micro Layouts: Rob Strachan
Longfield - O: Cliff Homer
Glacier - N: Geoff Latham
Winkford Green - OO: Martin Hogg
Florida Highland - HO: Jez New

An innovation for this year:

Steve Grantham will be building a Micro layout during the show and it will be raffled at the end of the show.

....and more to come.

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