Leberecht is purported to be a small Prussian branch line terminus in the Luneburg Heath area of north western Germany sometime around 1910.

It is a very simple station comprising the usual German arrangement of loops that also serves a medium sized quarry. This additional traffic justifies the presence of a small engine terminal and facilities. There is the unusual to British eyes but very typically Prussian example of a turntable integrated into the loops to facilitate turning of engines and helping them to run around their trains. This is due to most Prussian tank locomotives (and crews) running better forwards than backwards.

Train services are increased substantially from what would be typical so you will see various types of train from mixed branch trains to suburban passengers to fairly heavy freight. This will require larger than typical locomotives but everything will be as it was for that type of train.

 The size of the layout is 9’5” x 7’, track work is modified Peco code 75 and control is fully digital. Trains are fed onto the layout by a six road traverser.

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