The Sidings

The modern scene in a small space, measuring just over 6 feet in length and 1 foot wide with a scenic section of only 4 feet. I have tried to incorporate several features from the modern railway including a GSM-R phone mast with cabin and trackside relay cabinets some modelled with the doors open and the associated cable trunking. The layout is inspired by York parcel sidings, where predominantly DRS locos are stabled although other operators’ locos can be seen from time to time. The sidings have recently been rationalised and relayed hence the fresh ballast and Rawie friction bufferstops, which are faithfully recreated in model form. Operated using a NCE Powercab DCC system, which not only operates the sound fitted locomotives but also the points and ground position colour light signals. Track work is C&L thick sleeper flexitrack and Tillig points. The layout is operated from the front so any questions please ask the operator.

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